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Mixed Aged Classrooms

1. Children are able to spend longer periods of time with the same teacher which allows us to develop a deeper understanding of your child's strengths and needs.

2. Children have several years to develop skills and  are able to feel successful in their educational journey rather than oppressed by it.

3. Each child is seen as a unique individual. We focus on teaching through personalized strengths. We recognize that each child learns differently.

4. Children are not labeled according to their ability level and are able to happily learn at their own pace.

5. Children develop a sense of family and learn to support and encourage each other.

6. Children are exposed to positive models of behavior and problem solving.

7. Students cooperate rather than compete. They learn to cheer for the individual and each goal that is uniquely achieved by their peers.

8. Younger students are exposed to educational concepts and subjects that motivate them to strive for higher learning.

9. Older students become leaders and learn how to become independent thinkers.

10. Students develop a strong sense of community and recognize that each person's contribution is important.

Ms. Holly's House not only focuses on academics that surpass expectation, we also focus on teaching the whole child. By embracing the spiritual, emotional, physical, and social growth of our students, we prioritize sending good people out into the world to make a positive difference!

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