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Noah was born to make people smile. His hilarious and witty sense of humor has left memories that lead to giggles and smiles. He was a hard worker. He loved carpentry. He loved animals. He valued friendship. Relationship meant everything to him.

 Although Noah was a complete and total treasure to those around him, he simply did not thrive in a traditional educational environment. His out of the box thinking and problem solving was not cherished within the academic arenas that were provided to him. His high school graduation was a victory and a relief beyond measure for him.

Parenting a child that has so much untapped ability is challenging. As a busy mom, I tried with all of my might to meet his educational needs. I simply could not find a program that embraced Noah and challenged him with a love of learning. 

I decided in the spring of 2018 that if an educational system did not exist that truly supported each person's individual strengths, then I needed to create one. Work started on the mission to provide a Christ centered education that was truly one of a kind. Noah loved working beside me as we created an environment that was so much more than we could have imagined.

On June 20, 2018, only two months before our scheduled opening of our dream school, I received a phone call that changed me forever. Noah fell into the grain bin at the family farm and drowned in a grain bin engulfment. The loss of this unbelievable person absolutely gutted our family. Our hearts are still completely broken. 

In order to leave a legacy for my sweet son, we pushed through with the opening with tears streaming and hearts desperately trying to come to terms with a reality that seemed insurmountable to comprehend.

Ms. Holly's House is now enrolling for our seventh year. We are just as passionate about this mission as we were on opening day.

Noah Yeley, your mama sure does love you and I promise to continue to create a legacy that would make you proud.

Noah Yeley

March 20, 2000-June 20, 2018

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