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Ms. Holly

 Hello! My name is Holly Lancaster. I am a wife, mother, a grandmother and an educator.   I believe that the key to a successful education is to focus on each individual's inherent strengths. I believe in the power behind Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences that outlines the different ways that people are wired to learn.  I embrace many Montessori style tools, loose parts theory, nature focused lessons, and above all, the love of our Creator. I believe in love, acceptance, critical thinking, and embracing our role in the world around us.

 Ms. Holly's House features hands on learning through the elements of classroom pets, a snack garden, community volunteering, and many other project-based opportunities. Children have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God made them perfectly, that they are loved, and that education is fun!

A school should meet each child where they are at and build confidence as they learn at an individualized pace. A school should focus on educating the whole child and meeting emotional, social, physical, and academic needs. It needs to be a place where curiosity has no limits and the power of choice fuels a lifelong love of learning. Your educational choice for your child should provide you with confidence that your child is loved, enriched, safe, and happy.

Ms. Holly's House provides parents the  option to choose a private school that they believe in. The curriculum is personalized to ability and interests and challenges each student to achieve at their individualized highest levels.  The educational practices reflect research-based learning strategies that represent what is new and what is right in the field of education. Ms. Holly’s House  features flexible seating, project-based learning, Montessori Style Individualized learning plans, and nature-based academics. 

You have the choice to to take back the power in making the best educational choice for your child!

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